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    Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.

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Diploma in Business Administration

95% of businesses are Small Business but only Brampton College offers a Business Administration Diploma in Ontario for Small Business

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ROI of education can be less than 2 years. Talk to us

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Welcome to Brampton College of Health, Business and Technology

Brampton College of Health Business and Technology is an International Education Institution providing relevant skills to to goal seeking individuals in their field of interest.  Our academic faculty provides a learning climate that recognizes the value of originality and diversity,  the value of offering alternative perspectives and solutions, and the effectiveness of developing focused instructional content that will serve the needs of individual learners and their respected communities. The college offers small classes, excellent facilities, and a hands-on learning environment that features extensive experiential learning opportunities through internships and field placements which are an integral part of the courses. The Faculty and Departments lead the demand to constantly refine the curriculum as per the world changing around us.

Why Brampton College

  • How are you different than a community college or university ?

    A. That is a great question. The facts are:
    • The maximum Teacher to Student ration is 1:8
    • Each student's requirements are different and our instructors help all of them to achieve a very high degree of success.
    • We are nimble to include new requirements much faster than larger colleges.
  • What has been the employment rate of candidates in last 1 year ?

    A. 97% of all our graduates are now employed. We help students get placed immediately after their graduation and keep helping them till they are fully employed.
  • When can I start my education?

    A. New batches are started every month. Your enrollment into a course can happen whenever you decide. We are not like community colleges where intake happens only at a particular time


  • PSW program revamped for 2016 reflecting the changes required by the industry. Students currently enrolled are following new curriculum.